Realities and trends of digital marketing

Reading a really interesting article  we have felt identified with some of this trends  and we think is important to share with everyone who wants to get a place in this digital place.

There will be a huge explosion on the app field

This is the reason why Hawk Hawk Studio wants to be here, this is the moment to develope and create, such as think in proyects which are related with this revolution. This explosión in our opinion would simplify people´s life.

Begins the golden age of video announcement

Everyone has proven how has increased the number of ads on YouTube. Entrepeneurs must take note of this to make announcements effective and where there is a higher exposure.

It is the era of mobile phones

Mobile phones will take advantage on desks. This means that services that Companies give must be adapted to people exposure to people device.

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Next steps

We have very good ideas to share with you all in the next months. Our game Chicken with Hat is the beginning something really big. We like to see how people increasingly plays our first work and earn points to go up gradually in the Ranking. People of Spain, United States, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Italy, Poland and many more countries are playing at the same time.

We will be showing the progress of our next games to have your opinion. We would be pleased to hear your feedback and we wish this blog to be a place where game developers share their experiences.

Our first project

Our adventure begins with the Android game “Chicken With Hat ” where you have to test your reflexes to match the color of the hat with nests that appear. So you can move up in the World Ranking by accumulating golden eggs. As you collect eggs you’ll be getting super powers that allow you to move forward in our game. Download it from Google Play

About us

We are two young entrepreneurs in the world of video game development. Hawk Hawk Studio was born in 2016 as a project in which we put all our enthusiasm to share with you all.

Cristian Mancera has studied Telecommunications Engineering and is currently studying a Masters in Telecommunications in Barcelona. “The gaming world has no limits, even less if you are a developer.” It is responsible for the design and development of video games for Hawk Hawk Studio.

Alvaro Rodriguez has studied business administration and management at the Carlos III University of Madrid. “I really want to create a community of users with whom to share our developments and where everyone can include their experience.” It is responsible for Social Media for Hawk Hawk Studio.

Both from afar, we share the passion for the world of development. We would like all you to comunicate us your feedback to thereby keep progressing and adapting our updates and apps to your needs. If you want to contact us do not hesitate to do.